Rudolf Kerschbaumer,

Sworn and Certified Expert on Historical Cars.

Rudolf took the governmental exam in 2011. When he made the official affirmation as an expert his profession became calling all the more. This makes Kerschi an official person to trust when it comes to an evaluation in all conscience.

We offer:

  • Oldtimer evaluations

  • Custom evaluations

  • Perpetuation of evidence opinions

  • Survey reports

  • Legacy evaluations

  • Purchase and Sales evaluations

  • Estimate of the worth of preservation

  • Expert opinion before purchasing on site (national and international)

Why an expert opinion?

An accurate expert opinion including a defined value can provide legal certainty in many situations! Because...

  • It is necessary for all kinds of all-risk insurance.

  • In case of an accident you don´t have to hire someone to do a long-winded evaluation on the damaged vehicle.

  • In case of larceny you can bring forward an official document including photographs.

  • In case of an inheritage there are no conflicts regarding the value.

  • In case of an import from a non-EU country the tax rate depends on the worth of preservation.

  • In case of a judicial conflict you already have a document and can save the expenses for a high priced judicial evaluation.

  • When you are in negotiation with a bank it´s indeed possible to present a valuation as basis for an assurance.