A speciality on our menu: Resto-Mod´s.

We at American Special Parts Austria appreciate the inner values as much as appereance. „All show and no substance“ ain´t our style! That´s why we are specialized in Resto-Mod´s – the improvement of historical vehicles with the latest technologies in the field of engines, transmissions, chassis and brakes. Further we count body conversions and interior fittings to our custom-tailored daily business.

This package is topped off with our aspiration for full road capability and driving safety !

Our Services:

  • Engine- conversions and upratings.

  • Assembly of recent automatic and manual transmissions.

  • Chassis- conversions and improvements (Independent Front Suspension, Four Link, Independent Rear Suspension, Air Ride, etc.).

  • Braking system- conversions and corrections (Baer, Wilwood, SSBC, AP-Racing, etc.).

  • Framework- conversions and strengthening (Boxing and trellis).

  • Body- conversions of every sort (channeling, frenching, topchop, stretching, etc.),

  • Obtaining of high quality tuning parts.

  • Production of headers and exhaust systems made of stainless steel (V2A).