We at American Special Parts Austria are a well-honed team which has been working and improving together for many years. Alone with US-Cars and Oldtimers we have over 45 years of experience under the collective engine hood. And as hands-on experience is what really matters we guarantee that only our qualified Teammembers will be working on your gem.

Meet us, we will be happy to meet you!

The Boss

Rudolf Kerschbaumer aka Kerschi

Kerschi´s fascination with wheelers was already aroused in his childhood. Only six years old he watched a car´s engine being rebuilt for the first time - and in contrast to his otherwise lively childhood-self he kept sitting and kept watching.

After a detour to professional gold- and silversmithing Kerschi went back to slightly more powerful tools and machines and made his degree as master mechanic in 1983. Starting to gain restoration-experience with brands like Renault, Fiat, Mercedes and Triumph he quite quickly began to be taken with the American way to drive.

His affection for capacity, performance and remarkable design finally drew his attention completely to US-American classics in 1992.

Since 2011 he is sworn and certified expert on historical cars.

From small modifications to full restorations: He is the man for your project.

The Boss behind The Boss

Marie-Luise Standteiner aka ML

She is the boss in the office and our personal guarantor for exceptional good organisation. Whether it´s about competent advise on the phone, about the Austrian „Pickerl“ (Inspection §57a) or simply about a cup of coffee while you exitedly discuss your project: There is no business without her. Thanks to the years of experience in our company one can´t fool her when talking about engines or brands. And as a former paralegal she is the one who sheds light on the maze of rules and regulations. She is as charming as competent and will be happy to welcome you!

The Man who´s got the feeling

Roland Pierecker aka Roli

Since 1988 in the team, the trained coachwork builder and panel beater knows our business inside out.Whether it´s shaving, cleaning or frenching; whether a car wing has to be customized or a roof line has to be modified completely – he is the man who knows how to give shape to your ideas. Not even the tiniest dent is save from his skilled hands. So, there´s one thing you can be sure of in this complex world: Your wheeler will be in best hands!

The conscientious Esthete

Alfred Starzengruber aka Starzi

For Starzi there is no back stitching too elaborate and no door lining too spatial. He knows how to wrap everything in finest leather or Alcantara Suede. Whether you decide to have a „Biedermeier-chair“ or your cadillac´s seat bench rebuilt to a bucket seat – you have come to the right place! He is our Gyro Gearloose for interior; passionate, creative and meticulous.