So you started a project... some years ago.

Our long experience in this business allows us to provide a special service that one or another company might be backing away from:

We gladly continue already commerced projects!

Whether in boxes, on pallets or in plastic bags from 1917 – we pick up and grade all the existing pieces to do a first inventory.

Whether from your attic, from Uncle Herberts basement, from a garage, a warehouse or from a competing company – we bring together what belongs together.

Wheter from Austria or anywhere else within the EU or Switzerland – we pick up your project on easy conditions.

No time for your Oldie anymore?- We are taking over!

Not enough space for your Oldie? - We make room!

The restoration gets a neverending story? - We finish it!

There are too many kibitzers in your clique but not enough can-do attituders? - We will tackle!

Are you tired of waiting for the engine to purr in your perfect Resto?

With us you won´t wait any longer!

By the way:

We will gladly provide you with professional advise before we start of work to make sure the project is worth your investment.

Not any wheeler that has 30 years under the belt is necessarily precious.

For further information on this please contact us via our contact form!