Restoration 101: Let´s get down to the nitty-gritty!

As the name suggests restoration means to reconstruct something existing as close as possible to its original condition.

Believe it or not: Many people can´t tell the difference between reparation and restoration. To simply let a car shine in new splendor by paying a round of paint and varnish makes no oldtimer-restoration yet. To restore a car means nothing less than the overhauling or replacement of all mounted components.

It´s our personal resto-credo to overhaul e.v.e.r.y. single piece of your driving treasure – from the door switch to the rusty baseplate and the engines innermost!

A further basic requirement for an enduring restoration is a complete round of sandblasting of all parts and sides of the car body.

Likewise important is the immediate application of primer and the outright sealing of all rabbets and welds before we even open the paint canisters. All those steps concluding with the application of high quality body cavity protection after the painting guarantee your car´s body a long and shiny life.

This is how we define restoration... as an investment for the future, in more ways than one.

Our Services:

  • Restoration of US-Oldtimers including photografic documentation

  • Bodywork from rust repair to Top Chop

  • Engine overhaul and performance settings

  • Transmission overhaul

  • Reconstruction of the lighting system matching European Standards

  • Reparation or custom manufacture of electrical systems

  • Production and reparation of interiors

  • Continuation of commenced restorations right up to finalization

  • Purchase of spare parts for US-Cars from 1910 – 1995

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